Kitchen Seespital Kilchberg: A huge mountain of around 100 kilograms of minced meat is ready. Deft Tibetan hands mix it with tubs of chopped spinach, onions, garlic, spices and oil. The momos dough is prepared, kneaded and finely rolled out on the next table. Then it's time for the preparation: the punched-out dough plates are folded into small dumplings - the momos - in a quick, creative ritual and with precise manual work. Each of the Tibetan women has her own technique and the trays fill up quickly. After two days, 800 momos are ready to be eaten!

«A friendship that crosses borders»

True to this motto, Dolma Chugtsang and 11 members of the Tibetan association Ngari Korsum met with Dr. medical Robert Graf, Senior Physician Surgery, and President of Swiss-Himalayan Amity, to make Momos for the Indian Food stand at this year's Gurten Music Festival. For 17 years, SHA has been supporting 4 aid organizations in the Indian Himalayas, on the borders of Tibet and Nepal, in the areas of basic medical care/surgical camps, schools and vocational training, reforestation and the treatment of children with cancer. The large food stand on the Gurten is run exclusively by volunteers. The entire proceeds will benefit the construction of 4 safe birth houses this year in order to decisively reduce the very high infant and maternal mortality.

The calm and peaceful atmosphere on these two long working days, accompanied by Tibetan music, was impressive. The achievement of Dolma Chugtsang and the association deserves high recognition! Another thanks goes to the Seespital for providing the infrastructure. Take the opportunity to taste the fine momos yourself: either at the Gurten Music Festival at the SHA food stand (13. - 16.07.22) or this summer at the Wädenswiler and Richterswiler Chilbi at the Ngari Korsum association. Namaste and Trashi Deleg.