Our engagement towards school education & jobs development.

Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela

Aarohi has been working tirelessly and successfully in the mountains of Uttarakhands in the Nainital District for over 25 years.

Securing and developing the education system provides the rural population with decisive development opportunities. This goes hand in hand with the strengthening of the position of women, while maintaining a meaningful tradition. Jobs are created by supporting small businesses and vocational training for school leavers.

Core Programs





Aarohi India, with our support, has established its core programs over the years since 2004. In our opinion, school as an educational institution needs the most support. Our main focus for the coming years will be on supporting a meaningful expansion of career prospects for school leavers.

School education: Aarohi Bal Sansar School and Youth Club

"Aarohi Bal Sansar" operates as a kindergarten, a lower and middle school until the end of the 8th school year. It complements the state system and specifically promotes creative development with a focus on music, dance and sports. Particular attention is paid to the education of the girls.

Aarohi also awards scholarships to children of needy families, and specifically supplements the nutrition of the students. Teachers of Aarohi Bal Sansar teach supportively in surrounding state schools as well. Large sports field in front of the schoolhouse is actively used by numerous state schools in the area. Currently, school lacks a standardized and regulated program for school leavers, which promotes skills and abilities of the individual students for a sustainable acquisition of skills in traditional craft professions and creates career prospects to get involved locally. This development ensures that local regions as a workplace remains attractive for young people, while helping to reduce the migration to the cities.

Switzerland has an excellent training programs for the skilled trades. We would like to incorporate this idea of vocational training as a basis for school leavers from the Aarohi "Youth Club". In the future, SHA Aarohi would like to support India especially in the field of schools.

Medicine: Local Health Care

Aarohi runs a small hospital in the village of Satoli with three doctors and one dentist, with an operating room, the facilities for X-ray and ultrasound examinations, and a own laboratory.
For 5 years, the MMU (Mobile medical unit), a bus equipped with ultrasound and X-ray machine with a team of doctors and nursing staff has been operating in the remote mountain regions of Uttarakhand. It ensures primary medical care for pregnant women, newborns and other patients for the respective surgical camps at the hospital.

Livelyhoods: Sustainable livelihoods

Aarohi processes and markets agricultural products, such as apricot kernel oil, soap and herbs. In this way, many farming families generate an additional income. Recently, some families offer guest rooms to so-called home stays. Aarohi helps them set up and learn how to host guests.

Development aid: Installation of energy-efficient, smokeless stoves (Chullhas)

Further development of the traditional "chullahs" reduces energy consumption to at least half. This saves families, especially women, a lot of time and efforts in collecting firewood. In addition, new stoves direct smoke outside the house via the fireplace and thus help to reduce the numerous respiratory diseases. In addition, many severe burns of children are avoided.


Establishment of an orderly training programs for school leavers

New MMU (Mobile Medical Unit)

Strengthening of livelihoods and expansion of private enterprises


About the region

All three projects are located in the Kumaon region of the state of Uttarakhand. On the left, you will find a map with illustrates areas, where our projects are on going. finden Sie eine Karte zur Veranschaulichung des Gebietes.

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