Event in the chapel of the Seespital in Kilchberg. We look forward to seeing you and your friends!

Enjoy a cultural evening with images of radiant beauty and expressiveness from the countries of China / Tibet, North Vietnam, Myanmar / Burma.

  • Venue: Chapel of the Seespital Kilchberg, Grtstrasse 60, 8802 Kilchberg
  • Date: Friday, 21. April 2023
  • Door opening: 19:00 / Start: 20:00 pm
  • Admission as donation to SHA: Small donation CHF 30.- / Normal donation: CHF 60.- / Benefactor donation: CHF 100.-
  • Parking spaces available
  • Aperitif after the event
  • Bring your friends along

Paul Roos was, among other things, an ambitious mountaineer. In his younger years, sporting performance had appealed to him above all, but increasingly he turned to the search for the "soul of the landscape". He always photographs with his analogue Hasselblad camera. The results are skilfully arranged symphonies of light. Earth and sky, landscape and clouds, colours and shapes blend into a complete work with music. A unique work of art is created.

Travelling is especially beautiful when you don't know where you're going. But the most beautiful thing is when you no longer know where you're coming from.

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