Next Saturday, 24.09.22, 10:30 am, at the Arthouse Alba cinema in Zurich, we will show the film "Mother Teresa & Me" in a matinée screening before the film is released. A film about love and compassion, inspired by the life of Mother Teresa, in the presence of the leading actress. Proceeds from the screening will be donated to SHA's various projects.

Jacqueline Fritschi-Cornaz: An actress with depth

Jacqueline Fritschi-Cornaz traveled to India twelve years ago. The Swiss actress wanted to see Bollywood studios - and was suddenly confronted with the misery of many children in the country. It did not let her go. She therefore initiated a Swiss-British-Indian film project:

Teresa and Kavita: Two women's lives - passionate and uncompromising - interwoven in two parallel stories across generations. Both women realize their vocation despite great, personal doubts. These intertwined stories show us Mother Teresa, the woman behind the myth, in a whole new dimension. Her loss of faith inspires the fierce Kavita, a young Englishwoman with Indian roots, to discover genuine love and empathy in contemporary Calcutta.

A unique production

The film, which was shot in India and England, has been produced for theatrical and online distribution. This is a unique production because it was 100% funded by donations and endowments, and all proceeds from the film go through the Zariya Foundation to selected organizations that work for the education and health of the poorest, sick, disabled and abandoned children, starting in India, where Mother Teresa built her work.

«Don’t wait for leaders, do it alone, person to person»: This quote from Mother Teresa is probably more relevant today than ever before. Our world needs committed people with empathy and the will to tackle and implement solutions together. Mr. and Mrs. Fritschi-Cornaz live this for us and we are extremely grateful to them for making this film available to us.

More information about Jacqueline Fritschi-Cornaz and the Zariya Foundation can be found here: